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Bassey Daniel
3 min readSep 24, 2020


You do not have a thriving business until your business can THRIVE without you. You may just have a job that you can’t quit even as a business owner.

Having a thriving business is synonymous with being responsible. Also, being responsible is one of the important disciplines in life and business.

You need to be responsible to take charge of your life and you need to be responsible for people to trust you with their resources and possibly with their lives.

But being responsible is more than being the only best guy around.

It is also about making sure other people around you are taking responsibility as well.

This is a harsh statement but I will put it to you nonetheless:

Being the only responsible guy drains you of all you have and leaves you unproductive after all you have done or given.

This typical case is what happens to entrepreneurs or small business owners who have become the centre of attraction in their businesses but when its time to move on to the next thing, they become trapped because they have built their businesses around them.

When they realize this mistake, it would seem they are too late to break free and they become frustrated and unproductive if they are unable to manage their situation.

This is what is referred to as the Owner’s Trap!

I could narrate this scenario vividly because I have witnessed many entrepreneurs or small business owners fall into this trap repeatedly.

Let me summarize in my next sentence:

“Until you are not the only superstar in your business, your business will take everything else from you.”

It breaks my heart to see many businesses that are meant to transform nations go down the drain without a fight.

However, the good news is that no matter how deep you have fallen into the Owner’s Trap, you can still come out on top. It may take serious efforts but I know you can.

With my wealth of knowledge and understanding of Africa’s business terrain, I have written a book titled “Responsible Entrepreneuring” in pursuit of my passion to help you strengthen your business to thrive with or without you.

Responsible Entrepreneuring will help you do these things:

Identify The Trap

I have taken my time to list four syndromes that indicate an entrepreneur is falling or has fallen into the Owner’s Trap.

I have taken my time to provide necessary escape measures that will address these syndromes permanently.

Exit The Trap

What you need to exit from is not your business. It is the trap you may have set for yourself unknowingly.

I have also taken the time to explain four exit plans that I have tested and trusted as an experienced international private sector development consultant and business coach.

I have applied the content of this book to help SMEs across Africa and now, it’s yours for

If you are looking for a life of productivity combined with a sense of freedom and happiness while you are still actively in business, this book is for you!

Do You Have A Thriving Business?

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