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What is common to passionate business owners is the fact that they take their businesses very personally. As leaders in their businesses, they are consumed with their business vision.

They are more like the living representative of the vision of the business.

Before we go further, let me put out a disclaimer that being passionate about your business does not necessarily mean that your business must take the entirety of your space and time that you are failing to have time for friends and family.

Being passionate about your business or your vision simply means that you are invested in making sure the business solves the problem it is expected to solve and you are ready to do what it takes to make that happen.

How do you know you are passionate about your business vision?

Mind you, I am emphasizing on your business vision and not your business as an operational entity.

My job in this article is to highlight some indicators that show that you are passionate about your vision.

Passionate Communication About Your Business Vision

Talking about your business vision during your team meetings is great, but there is more . . .

If you talk about your vision with your employees or team members, you would agree with me that you are just fulfilling your obligation or duty as the leader or the business owner.

Having a passion for business or taking your business personally goes beyond talking to your employees alone or sharing your business vision with almost everyone or anyone at any chance you get.

Remember I made it clear that being passionate or being personal about your business is more than making money every day but more about how your business is positioned to solve a genuine problem.

When you share your business vision at any chance you get with people, you will eventually become the first name that comes to their mind whenever the issue you are trying to solve arises in their circle of influence.

By all means necessary, if you are solving a particular business problem, you need to show to everyone that you are passionate about it.

Create conversations around your vision as it pertains to the value you are bringing to make a change and people will truly see you as a thought leader in your line of business.

Passionate Storytelling About Your Business Vision

Your vision should consume you to the extent that your words will take the form of narratives and storytelling.

What’s the better way to share a vision and to make it personal for others? It is the art of storytelling.

If you are truly passionate or personal about your vision, you would want to make others catch the fire and not just flame.

Storytelling makes your business vision contagious and that is what being passionate about a business vision does to the business owner.

Those who have become enraptured about their business vision begin to form a narrative about all forms of the reality of the vision and this will answer the popular six questions of who, why, what, where, when, and how.

It is by taking your business personally that you would realize the people you are meant to truly serve with your business.

You cannot get the ideal customer profile of your business if you are not passionate enough about the business vision to the point of creating a narrative about:

Who it will affect

Why it matters

What it will change

When it will end

Where it is needed

How it will take form

You cannot truly find the truest answers to these questions if you do not take the business vision personally or passionately.

A Contagious Business Vision

When I say contagious, I do not mean attractive or enticing.

For any business that can truly adapt to different economic conditions, it is good for business owners to have people who have caught their vision.

Vision can be caught even when the recipient is not attracted to the vision initially.

The possibility of catching this vision is not necessarily because it is attractive but because you have made it to become contagious.

So, how do you make your business vision a contagious one?

The answer to this question is simply in your continuous endeavor to understand your business vision even as you work towards its actualization daily.

What this does is that it gives you a broad understanding of other areas that your vision is connected to.

With this, you can proffer solutions from the understanding of your vision.

This means that for people to learn more about the solutions you have to offer, they need to know more about your vision in return.

And if you do this continuously, these are what will most likely happen:

They may not take your vision personally as you have done but they will become your supporters for the rest of your journey.

These are more than supporters but they only catch your vision to the extent that it tallies with what they have.

What happens here is that your condition for partnership will not be as demanding as the ones who want to partner based on shared monetary profit alone.

These are the ones who are willing to invest totally in your vision with little or no modifications.

Passionate Exaggeration

It is always said that men generally exaggerate their position or status to gain a reputation or boost their confidence before others.

In business, this is a skill you should hone as well.

I dare to say that when it comes to the place of your vision, you can afford to exaggerate because your business vision is a future aspiration every day.

Passion is synonymous with greatness in the business arena. A business owner paints a picture big enough to pursue.

When it comes to running your business from time to time, being emotionally controlled is needed but when it comes to painting the magnitude of your vision, you need to muster every emotional and logical capacity to create a masterpiece that its realization is worth pursuing every day.

Since we do not know what will happen tomorrow and we do not know what kind of mind-blowing technology will be invented in the next 10 years, let your artistic capacity run farther than you for as many years as possible with the mind that limitless possibilities are waiting to be actualized.

Passionate Over-Communication About Your Business Vision

To a passionate business owner, all team or all business meetings are a wonderful opportunity to communicate his business vision.

Regardless of the frequency of meetings, the most important thing is that you make a discussion of your vision and how it can be promoted as a part of it.

Mind you, over-communication is not synonymous with flooding everyone you meet with a direct statement of your business vision.

If you do this, you will hardly be contagious with your vision and you would soon be all by yourself. Even your team members would get bored by your repetition.

This kind of over-communication is systematic just like your SEO.

You need to plant your business vision into people’s minds by using it in your words without being obvious about it. Like I said earlier, let it form your perspective towards bringing solutions to issues and problems.

When you find a dynamic and creative way to communicate your vision, it is no more unwanted communication but a reminder that comes in several creative ways.

If you are passionate about your business vision, people will not be able to separate you from it in their minds.

This is so because, over time, you have burned the memory of a business owner that knows nothing other than what he is to achieve and how he is determined to make it happen.

In the end, a Responsible Entrepreneur needs to be more personal or passionate about his vision than anyone.

With this, he would provide direction and leadership until others can catch the same vision and run with it with so much tenacity as his.

Are You Personal About Your Business Vision?

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